DevFest 2016


It has been 1 year since our last clustered DevFest in Dschang with 5 GDGs of the Western Region of Cameroon.

The last year’s DevFest brought together many developers, students, tech-enthusiasts and companies who attended the event and participated in much of its parallel sessions. It was the second cluster after the one organized in Bandjoun in 2015. DevFest West 2016 as it was called was truly awesome since many learnt from the sessions that took place.

Some key Leaning at DevFest West 2016
  • Progressive Web Apps
    The new way of building web apps was presented with real examples
  • Machine Learning
    Machine learning discussed with a codelab using the vision api
    Tensorflow project was at the topic
  • Android N preview.
    The features of the new Android OS
    The new Android studio using a short video from I/O
    Ionic framework to build apps faster
  • Google Maps
    How map can be integrated to map

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